Supplier Compliance Metrics

Through Office Depot’s continuous improvement program and in collaboration with our suppliers, we have both enhanced our supply chain business model and addressed potential issues. This process includes ongoing training, education visits, and assessments. During 2013, Office Depot’s vendor compliance team selected key vendors and factories for special attention through a Continuous Improvement Program. As a result, 92% of vendors with a Needs Improvement grading prior to starting the program improved their grading to a Minor Progress Needed or a Satisfactory.

The vendor compliance program will continue to expand in those regions where we are sourcing Office Depot products currently or plan to in the future. The Continuous Improvement Program was successfully globalized in 2010, and those efforts continued throughout 2013. Built on a foundation of integrity, the program continues to drive improvement through process, collaboration, training and transparent data reporting.

Factory Inspections 2012 Global vs. 2013 Global




During 2013, Office Depot reported our Global metrics via the Office Depot Corporate Citizenship Report and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, as part of our Global Audit Transparency. During 2013 two Office Depot Social Compliance team members achieved the following Industry Certifications: OSHAS training Advance Auditor Training and SA8000 Auditor Certification respectively.

Factory Inspections – OfficeMax Global – 2012 Global vs 2013 Global