Combined company recycling rate reaches 47%

In 2013, the combined waste footprint of legacy Office Depot and OfficeMax in North America was 37,200 metric tons, which equates to 4,800 tons more than materials recycled. As such, our combined recycling rate was 47%, helped by legacy OfficeMax’s attainment of a 51% recycling rate, which could be seen as a net positive impact based on recycling more than what was wasted.

As a combined company, we also earned over $1.6 million from our recycling – a figure we would like to grow to help drive both economic and environmental value.

Multiple delivery packaging options to be evaluated to help reduce waste

Another big part of Office Depot’s waste footprint is the packaging used to ship orders. Both legacy organizations have innovated to dramatically reduce the volume of cardboard used. At legacy OfficeMax, the ‘Boomerang Box’ was very successful. At legacy Office Depot the GreenerOffice Delivery Bag received much positive feedback from customers. The task for 2015 is to determine the best packaging for delivery, thereby achieving cost savings, waste footprint reduction and customer satisfaction.

Major carbon footprint reduction opportunities

In 2013, legacy OfficeMax had a carbon footprint of 280,000 metric tons based on energy use at 899 stores and distribution centers in North America. In the same year, legacy Office Depot had a carbon footprint of just 236,000 metric tons of CO2 in a portfolio of 1,204 stores and distribution centers in North America. Following the merger, Office Depot announced plans to close 400 stores and consolidate distribution centers, which will reduce carbon emissions overall. Further, as the Office Depot real estate portfolio stabilizes, we plan to share energy efficiency measures across the chain which will continue to reduce our carbon footprint, and costs.

Legacy Office Depot GreenerOffice Delivery Service
Legacy OfficeMax Boomerang Box
Office Depot was featured in the Showtime documentary ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ as a leader across U.S. companies in terms of carbon footprint reduction.

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