Path to Positive Impact

EVOLUTION: Combining efforts to accelerate our path to positive impact.

2013 was a year of EVOLUTION highlighted by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax to form one, larger, more efficient, and stronger company known as Office Depot, Inc. By combining the efforts of two committed and influential organizations, Office Depot will not only be able to accelerate our path to positive impact on businesses, people and the planet, but also better define our purpose. Whether through advancing supplier guidelines for the health and safety of workers in factories around the world, launching award-winning community outreach programs through the Office Depot Foundation, or growing our greener product sales, Office Depot’s commitment to sustainability remains strong, and will be strengthened further in the combined organization.

Read on to meet the people, hear the stories and uncover the data that shows how Office Depot is managing the increasingly important area of corporate sustainability.

“As we continue the integration of Office Depot and OfficeMax, we will create a new approach to Corporate Sustainability – one with clearly defined steps we can pledge to on our path to positive impact on prosperity, people and the planet.”

– Roland Smith, Chairman & CEO